Welcome - I am Darren and this is my website - I have a number of sites and social media connections so this is my internet hub where it all comes together. As mentioned I have a number of passions and this is where I keep all the things I am doing, have done and want to do, up to date.

Software Testing and Web Development

For over 15 years I have been a Test Analyst. Testing front end websites, back end systems and mobile applications, both iOS and Android. I am currently working as a Senior Test Analyst based in London for the Momondo Group. I am ISEB qualified to an advanced level and a Certified Scrum Master. In my spare time I have set up a few websites for friends and family. This is not my full time job and I mainly develop on my commute to work. Please see below some of my projects I have worked on.


I am also a runner, I run in a number of events, 5k, 10k and half marathons and I'm always looking to improve my times - which are no where near the front, so I have some work to do. I belong to my local athletics club, Medway and Maidstone AC and train with some elite runners, although I am not even close to some of these. I am a qualified Leader in Running Fitness and I lead a run club at work and run at lunchtimes in London's Regents Park.

Photography - Nutrition and other interests

I have an interest in photography and invested in a half decent camera a few years ago which inspired me to take it up as a hobby. I have posted some of my favourite photos online, please see my gallery below. I have done a course and assesment/exam on nutrition and have spent many hours researching different types of food and nutrition. I have some pages dedicated to what I believe to be a healthy diet and regard myself now as a foodie. I also, enjoy blogging and have a couple of blogs, one for my running and one for my bucket list.

And then there is Instagram...

Here are a small collection of photos taken with my favourite app, Instagram.
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Morning Cobweb


Sleepy Alys


Day at the beach


Snowy morning




Country Wedding


Summer '13


New Forest bluebells


Chvrches gig


Morning run






Foggy morning




Winters day



Web Development

Another hobby of mine is to develop websites, I am not a full time developer, far from it, but have built a few sites for friend and family in my spare time. If you would like to know more about web development, please click the button below.

  • Code
  • Testing
  • Photography

Example Sites

Here are some example sites I have built in my spare time for friends and family.

Shawn Moore Building

Shawn is a local builder in Medway, services include kitchen and bathroom fitting and any general building work.


The Brown Jug Upchurch

The Brown Jug in Upchurch is a delightful family pub with great food and an even better welcome.


Jemma Arbin Photography

Jemma is a part time photographer and has a portfolio of weddings, family photo shoots and general photography.


Iced Illusions

Iced Illusions - cake decorating by Endla. Cakes can be designed and baked to any requirement for any event.


My Running Blog

My running blog, from my own experiences and personal goals to tips on what to eat and do on race days.


My Personal Site

This is my personal site where friends and family can get in touch and a chance for me to experiment with code.


A Little More About Me...

  • I am a Software Tester - my full time job in London and something I have been doing for over fifteen years.
  • Internet fan - nearly everything I test is internet based, so naturally I need to be a fan. Amatuer developer - when a friend asked me to build them a website, I thought, yeah, why not. They like it anyway
  • Foodie - my first nutrition course in 2005 opened my eyes to a world of food that is both good and bad
  • Runner - Something I am actually good at, I belong to my local athletics club, have competed in a number of events, I am a qualified Leader in Running Fitness with UK Athletics and run a work running club
  • Amatuer photographer - something I am not so good at, but I have a fairly decent camera and can take one good shot out of a hundred
  • Dad - to the most amazing daughter
  • Blogger - I have a running blog and a bucket list blog, see above for details

For more about me, please see my full story.

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